5bling is a sportswear and lifestyle brand. Our focus is the design and production of the best gloves for our sport. They are cycling specific gloves for track cycling.

We use aero and form fitting materials. 5bling gives your hands an extra layer of protection without taking away from the real feel of the handle bars. 5bling loves great design and works with top designers from Japan and Australia to unveil limited runs of designs with charisma.

5bling was conceptualised after Josiah Ng, Olympian and former top track cyclist found that most of his competitors were using BMX gloves, baseball gloves, wide receiver gloves, or even golf gloves to race in. Josiah thought it was odd, uncool and unprofessional that track cycling had no specific gloves made for such a technical sport that demanded nothing but the best in equipment, so he set out to develop and test a glove that would address the specific demands of top track cyclists in the world. After 2 years of in-depth testing and development – in 2007, 5bling was born.

Within a short time-frame, 5bling became the number 1 glove of choice for an overwhelming number of the world’s top riders. A significant number of World Champions and Olympic Champions from Australia, France, Netherlands, the UK, and China make 5bling their choice of gloves. Just look at any top championship events such as the 2015 World Track Cycling Championships in Paris where a staggering 85% of the sprint podium events were won with athletes wearing 5bling gloves.

Taking inspiration from top track cyclists, top athletes from Red Hook Criterium and Wolf Pack Hustle are adopting cues to equipment used and 5bling is the go to glove of choice.

Today, 5bling has expanded to cover the needs of more cyclists with new models of short finger gloves for endurance cyclists. Even BMX riders are switching to our gloves, seeing the benefits of a technical product with superior aerodynamics, fit, grip enhancement, feeling of handlebars, protection, and style!

Get yourself a pair or two from our Streamline, RoadWorld Bling or Custom Bling collection. Can’t find what you need? Contact us here.