Custom Bling – 100 pairs


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List Price: $5000 (40% off – Save $2000!)

Want us to make some custom 5Bling gloves for you, your team, your track, your event, or your shop? We can put your name on the current World Bling gloves, or design pretty much anything you want. The only requirement is that you order 10 pairs of the design to get started. Custom gloves are $50 USD per pair which includes all design and set up costs.

Step 1
Choose quantity and pay.

Step 2
If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, you can download the template HERE and send us your final design. If you want us to design, tell us what you want in your email to us. Our designer will design 3 different mockups for you to choose from. You can make 1 change and subsequent modifications to the design will be charged at USD$50 per change.

Step 3
Tell us what sizes you want and confirm final design.

Step 4
Leave the rest to us. You will receive your glove order within 8-10 weeks later. Someone will contact you to update you with your order status. Kindly ensure your contact details and address is updated.


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These gloves dominate the podium and fields at the World Cups, World Championships and Olympics with an overwhelming majority of track cyclists making 5Bling their preferred glove of choice. Top BMX riders and endurance road cyclists are also starting to see the benefits of our streamline aerodynamic glove.

Key Features

  • 5bling gloves’ lightweight material moulds to your hands
  • synthetic material are machine-washable (cold-wash)
  • silicone-grip enhanced for maximum grip and feeling
  • stylish, distinct design
  • signature double-stitch construction
  • offers maximum protection, perfect for cooler and wet weather

Sizing Chart

To determine your glove size, wrap a measuring tape around your dominant hand just below your knuckles (excluding your thumb), and make a fist. 

5bling Size Chart