Streamline Gloves

You’ve got you’re Aero Helmet, Skin suit, Disc Wheels, Overshoes, now all you need is Aero Gloves, 5Bling Streamline Gloves enable you to further streamline your setup and are a great way to improve your personal best time and performance in events against the clock.

Now exclusive to Velodrome Shop the Gloves are used by Josiah Ng and Azizul Awang of Malaysia, Anna Meares, Shane Perkins and Kaarle McCulloch of Australia in addition to may of the World’s professional riders!

Made from the same stretchy, rubber material that a lot of the top aero overshoes are manufactured from 5Bling Streamline Gloves enable you to maximise your aerodynamic advantage in addition to being the ultimate must have fashion accessory for Track Cyclists.

Get your set of Streamline gloves here  (two for one – black and white)

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